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        • Product Name: Induction Cooker-Steaming Cabinet
        • Product No.: HY12-1-325L

        High thermal conversion efficiency!
        30KW Power, 1 hour can evaporate 48 liters of water for most occasions.

        1.Compact high-frequency heating line drive, small size but high power,
        2.Embedded intelligent protection module, you can measure the scale thickness and water level tohe greatest degree of protection for the tank, and to prevent dry damaged.
        3.Scientific maintenance of early warning systems, automatically tracking device usage and giving a reasonable maintenance information.

        4.Optional automatic sewage systaintain. 



        Model Rated Power Configurations Specifications(mm)
        HY12-1-325L 25KW*1/380V 8 stalls fire regulation 910*910*1850
        HY12-1-330L 30KW*1/380V 8 stalls fire regulation 1200*910*1850


        Wooden packing

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